Springboard Healthy Scranton

Scranton is the launch site for an innovative, exciting approach to an entire community's health. Geisinger Health System has engaged and convened a network of global, national and local partners. Our goal? To transform healthcare at its core by focusing on preventive care, behavioral health and economic growth. Our vision? Healthier families. Stronger neighborhoods. Resilient communities.

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Scranton: Springboard for a Healthier America

Springboard Healthy Scranton will seek bold goals, such as the coordination of all community resources to eliminate hunger and preventable chronic disease, and to eliminate preventable cancer and disease through genomic medicine. Once developed, tested and implemented, projects will be optimized in order to create the most cost-effective and sustainable solutions to issues affecting a community’s health. And, once proven, they will be replicated in order to be shared both nationally and globally.


NEW - Free2BMom

Caring for those most vulnerable. Free2BMom is a new care model to help mothers-in-recovery and their infants thrive and succeed physically, psychologically and socially.

Fresh Food Farmacy

Designing interventions that can prevent disease and empower participants to manage their conditions through food-related behavior and lifestyle changes.

Precision Medicine

Participants in the Scranton area will have their DNA sequenced and receive information about serious genetic conditions they may be pre-disposed to yet unaware of, allowing prevention, early diagnosis and intervention in the hope of positively affecting health over multiple generations.

Noble C. “Bud” Quandel, the fourth-generation leader of the namesake construction and railroad company founded in Pennsylvania, is donating $100,000 to Springboard Healthy Scranton, the first-of-its-kind program designed to improve an entire community’s health.

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